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The AMRAPrx Story

AMRAPrx Origin Story

The Strength is in You

AMRAPrx was founded with a single goal in mind: to help athletes perform up to their best by helping them both inside and outside of the gym. Our name’s origin is founded on this principle. We aim to help you do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) and we provide products that help get you there. We’re your prescription to a better you...that’s the “rx” of AMRAPrx!

Too many fitness companies focus on just what happens IN the gym, but we all know the aches and pains, the recovery, and the prep needed to crush our workouts and set new PRs that often happen OUTSIDE the gym. So we decided to create a company that looks at the whole you.

How did we start AMRAPrx?

Coach Palm, our founder, was suffering from minor injuries (from sore muscles to torn hands), and she felt hindered from being able to do better. When she looked for help, there were few options besides either going to a physical therapist or paying for “lifestyle” fitness brands with products that shouldn’t be as complicated as they were.

Our first product was offering a simple lacrosse ball. We call it the foundation piece that EVERYONE can own. But we also knew that most people either didn’t know how effective this simple tool could be or, more commonly, how to use it for various aches, pains, soreness, and tight muscles. After selling hundreds of them, we heard from others that they wish we offered more products… we had built a loyal following by truly caring… and we didn’t even know it.

We’ve evolved into what you see on the site today: a mix of apparel and fitness aids designed for women.

"Be the best version of you!"

We’ve learned a lot along the way. Me, I’m her husband, Shannon. Together we aim to help every athlete be the best they can be… while having some fun along the way!

About Coach Palm

Coach Palm is a ranked Crossfit coach in Thailand. She has toured to the UK, Bali, Singapore, and beyond in order to perfect her craft and offer the best help she can to her clients. She is a Crossfit Coach at Training Ground Bangkok and also a private personal trainer. Outside the gym she pushes herself to eat well and live the best life she can… but she is known to grab some avocado toast with a boba milk tea. (We all have to have our vices.)

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